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Purple sports bras in glorious shades that reduce irritation

If you love the colour purple, there’s a proud selection of purple sports bras to be found in the clothing section of our online store that will leave you with a regal feeling. Customise them to your individual style and needs with racerback and strappy options in glorious hues and coloured blends, with optional padding as well as seamless bras to reduce that irritated feeling you can experience after long hours of use. Soft cotton and knit textiles are used to improve your comfort, while elastane allows the bra to mould to you for a secure fit.

Imagine all the places you can take a purple sports bra

Wearing a purple sports bra allows you to experience your individual style in all sorts of imaginative ways. You can certainly picture yourself wearing one when you take your daily run or walk, and you may well imagine yourself in the one you’ve been keeping your eye on at your evening yoga or Zumba class. Some of you may prefer to wear one during spin class or for riding the bike around familiar streets, but they’re just as comfortable to wear while lounging at home on the weekend.

Reebok purple sports bras include maternity options

Our Reebok purple sports bras are ready in a range of sizes, including a maternity bra for those who wish to stay in shape during pregnancy. Once you’ve picked your favourite, browse our other clothing options to find items with which to complete your outfit. You’ll find a range of stylish and supportive tees, shorts and tights among the tremendous array of tops and bottoms we offer, and you can cap it all off with a few purple accessories like socks and hats to make sure every workout is done in style.