Hiking T-shirts

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A classic hiking t-shirt that offers style and versatility

A good T-shirt is the one of the cornerstones of any hiking outfit. Ours go a step beyond in technology and performance. They're designed for fitness training, so they're also perfect for hiking, able to keep pace with you under any circumstances. They feature clever air-circulating construction for optimal breathability that cools you down. Mesh back inserts are key to this, with Reebok's ACTIVCHILL fabric technology enhancing the effect all round. They're body hugging without being too tight, thanks to a combination of polyester, nylon and elastane which achieves this effect and ensures that they don't snag on branches when you're hiking through vegetation.

An all-in-one trekking shirt for everyone

This is the kind of hiking t-shirt you can wear all year round. They'll keep you cool and comfortable in summer, and provide an extra layer of warmth against your skin when the weather gets cold. Their body-moulding effect is extremely comfortable, so you get the perfect balance between a loose fit and an athletic T-shirt that moves sleekly with you as you walk. Women can opt for a more sheer style, with shorter sleeves for even more flexibility.

Hiking T-shirts you can wear with anything

Their breathability makes them perfect for summer hiking, while in winter you can wear them under a Reebok hiking sweatshirt. They can be coordinated with our range of hiking shorts, which you'll find in all shapes and sizes, from knee-length to ultra-short and sporty compression items. If you're worried that the weather might turn later in the day, stash a Reebok windbreaker or rain jacket in one of our versatile backpacks and you'll be good to go. Don't forget that our hiking boots are packed with advanced technology that will help you to improve your hiking performance even more.