Can I return/get a refund for my Bonus Gift Card?

Last updated: 30/04/2021
The Bonus Gift Card is valid for a specific sale period (as defined by adidas). 
The Bonus Gift card can only be used once, even if the full amount is not used (change will not be given). 
The Bonus Gift Card is not returnable or refundable as the card was not purchased. However, if products purchased with the card are returned, the used amount will be refunded via a new Bonus Gift Card. Therefore, all Terms & Conditions as provided to you during the check-out apply to the Bonus Gift Card, with the exception of section 3.4, 3.11 and section 5 (Rights of Withdrawal) 

When you return the products that you have paid with your Bonus Gift Card and with another payment method, the refund will be issued as followed: 
1. Alternate payment method (e.g. Credit Card)
2. Regular Gift Card
3. Bonus Gift Card

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